Exciting news about coming books!!! Part One

Hello everyone sorry about being so lax about posting regularly. I've been getting my life sorted out. Well more sorted out than it was before. I've mostly unravelled all the ravelling caused by the Kefalonia upset. It has surprised me how long that day has haunted my life since - but I suppose that is what happens when you have a traumatic incident and I am lucky it didn't cause me more problems than it did.

I've been writing on and off a fantasy novel since well before my 23 year old son was born and I finally got the confidence to start releasing it piecemeal online on a website called Wattpad. I am very pleased with the cover. I used an image from a photoshoot my husband organised quite some time ago with a couple of professional models we'd met at a Steampunk convention. Exhayle is the beautiful model in this shot.