Lots been happening and I will have a bash at getting you caught up with the main stuff and try not to be too boring in the process.

1. Was invited to be one of the poets taking part in Sarajevo's International Poetry Festival.
This was a HUGE honour and although I tried very hard to make it so I could take part I was unable to do so. Very, very disappointed and I hope I will be able to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina in the not to distant future because it is in beautiful and historic place with amazing people.

2. Was invited onto the Taste of Ink LIVE radio show by Celeste S. Duckworth and despite my initial nerves I ended up talking for quite a long time - possibly a bit too much ;)

3. I've been diagnosed with gall bladder disease and need to have it removed! 8| Turns out gall bladder removal is one of the most common operations in the Western world. I always said I was a pretty good representative sample all on my own and even my health seems to bear that out!

4. My husband Andrew is now the Student Union Officer for Disabled Students at his university. He decided that seeing as he seems to be finding himself constantly dealing with disability issues then he might as well be doing it for the benefit of all the students. He will also be studying for the final year of his degree course having gained an HND last year and becoming an Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society. :) Proud as punch? Moi B)

5. My son Alister completed his first year at university and has started a small photographic business and is also doing evening classes to fill in some of the qualification gaps left due to being home-schooled. He has also been living independently for a year and I'm very proud of him too.

6. My children's book project is on target.

7. We've had a stair lift installed and a wet room which makes home life much less painful and difficult for Andrew.

Here is the movie I made starring my husband being awesome going up the stairs.

You can watch it here on Vimeo: